We focus on three primary goals: protected area, nature products and nature education.


Nature Education


With rapid development of Urbanization, people have gradually lost touch with nature, and nature-deficit disorder has become a significant issue.


Through designing a series of nature-based experiential activities, we want to bring more people into nature, let them get a better understanding of nature, and attract more attention and support to natural conservation.


Urban nature center:
“Connect life with nature” is our slogan.
Through conduct nature experiential courses and activities, guide city dwellers to discover natural world around them, to gain knowledge and pleasure in discovering nature.
Our center aims to become the platform for the public to experience nature, understand nature and protect nature.
Philanthropy Protected Areas:
Through hands-on nature conservation events, PPA Nature Camp offers the public the opportunity to appreciate nature beauty and understand PPA model. At end of the day, the program aims to raise public awareness and action towards nature conservation.


Urban nature center:
Dreamland Nature Center is co-created by Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Alibaba Foundation and the Paradise International Foundation.
Through designing nature-based experiential courses, we conduct variety of activities fitting to different groups of people.
We also conduct Hangzhou Nature Education Network, aiming to promote the development of nature education in Hangzhou.
By cultivating volunteers, let more people get opportunity to experience nature education.
Philanthropy Protected Areas:
PPA Nature Camp provides immersive conservation events to students, families, and corporate teams, designed to inspire more people to learn and support nature conservation work.

Next Step Plan

Design more and more interesting and meaningful nature-based experiential activities, and let more people get closer to nature.

  • Connect life with nature
  • Raise public awareness of nature conservation
  • Gain more support to natural conservation

PFI aims to forge a closer connection between people and nature