We focus on three primary goals: protected area, nature products and nature education.


Nature products


Paradise Foundation always attaches equal importance to community development as to nature conservation. We establish communities surrounding traditional nature reserves as “Extended Area”, where poverty alleviation is achieved through eco-friendly industry. Local residents are guided to plant, produce and develop high quality products with positive environmental effects, and sell through Paradise Foundation to the markets.
The profit of those products, such as peanuts, honey, honey wine from Laohegou Reserve and green tea from Bayuelin Reserve will all be distributed back into both local communities and reserves.
The products, under the name of “Paradise made”, represent an optimal production environment, a strict quality control process,and inspection requirements based on EU standards. To consumers, we offer not only trustworthy products, but a chance to contribute to nature conservation.

  • Eco-friendly agricultural products
  • Breakthrough in ecological protection
  • Science based methodology