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2018 African Ranger Awards


in alphabetic order by last name

Felix Olusola Abayomi, Nigeria

Chief Executive Officer of Lagos Lagoon Waterkeeper, Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative

Nominated by Marc Yaggi, Executive Director of Waterkeeper Alliance, USA

Kasereka Kisuki Alexandre, Democratic Republic of Congo

Ranger of Garamba National Park (attached to African Parks Network)

Nominated by John Barrett, General Manager of African Parks Network

Alfred Kiprotich Bett, Kenya

Tourism Warden of Mara Conservancy

Nominated by Aruasa Kiprono David, Tourism Officer of Mara Conservancy

Hamed Salvadord Bivigou, Gabon

Ecogarde Team Leader (Ranger Patrol Leader) of Gabonese National Parks Agency

Nominated by Lee White, Executive Officer of National Parks Agency

Tesheta Sameto Bulo, Ethiopia

Scout of The Senkelle Swaynes Hartebeest Sanctuary

Nominated by Kumara Wakjira, Director General of Wildlife Conservation Authority

Peter Chikwiramakomo, Zimbabwe

Patrol Commander of Mana Pools National Park (attached to Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority)

Nominated by Muchatibaya Simon, Anti-poaching Technical Advisor of African Wildlife Foundation

Lang Halima Diedhiou, Senegal

Senior Park Officer of Niokolo-Koba National Park and Assistant Project Manager for Panthera's park support project, Direction de Parcs Nationaux (DPN)

Nominated by Philipp Henschel, Regional Director for West and Central Africa, Lion Program, Panthera

Ekal Lotir Ekiru, Kenya

Assistant Warden III of Kenya Wildlife Service (Based in Lake Nakuru National Park)

Nominated by Allan Maina Kamwaro, Assistant Warden I of Kenya Wildlife Service

Timothy Fola Fehintola, Nigeria

Principal Park Inspector of Old Oyo National Park

Nominated by Oladipo OJO Cdrnehius, Conservation of Park, National Park Service

Blamah Sando Goll, Liberia

Technical Conservation Manager, Forestry Development Authority

Nominated by Mary Molokwu-Odozi, Country and Operations Manager of Fauna & Flora International

Paulo Miguel Braga Gonçalves, Mozambique

Park Warden of combined Maputo Special and Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserves, National Administration of Conservation Areas

Nominated by Antony Alexander, Mozambique Country/ Senior Project Manager of Peace Parks Foundation

Quresh Abdi Guyo, Kenya

Ranger - Investigation Assistant of Kenya Wildlife Service (based in Isiolo Conservation Area)

Nominated by Julius Maluki Mwandai, Head Investigation of Kenya Wildlife Service

Tshala Nswana Honoré (deceased), Democratic Republic of Congo

Previously Chief Patrol Post of Kundelungu National Park; Poisoned by a former poacher

Nominated by Jean Pierre Jobogo Mirindi, Protected Area Manager in charge of community education, Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN)

Jane (undercover; in alias), Kenya

Investigation Assistant of Kenya Wildlife Service (based in Mombasa Conservation Area)

Nominated by Judith Nasike, Intelligence Officer of Kenya Wildlife Service

Kasaine Ole Koisikir Joseph, Kenya

Conservancy Warden of Nashulai Maasai Conservancy

Nominated by Daniel Letoiye, Regions Coordinator of Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association

Joy Joy (undercover; in alias), Kenya

Ranger/ Intelligance Officer of Kenya Wildlife Service (based at the Nairobi National Park)

Nominated by Paula Kahumbu OGW, Chief Executive Officer of WildlifeDirect

Rodrigue Mugaruka Katembo, Democratic Republic of Congo

Deputy Chief Warden and Head of Anti-Poaching, Upemba and Kundelungu National Park Complex

Nominated by Robert Muir, Chief Warden of the Upemba and Kundelungu National Park Complex, and Emmanuel de Merode, Chief Warden of Virunga National Park

Julius Kiio Kulwa (deceased), Kenya

Previously ranger of Chyulu National Park; Killed by an elephant

Nominated by Craig Millar, Head of Security, Big Life Foundation

Paul Kumwamba, Malawi

Parks and Wildlife Assistant of African Parks Malawi (Based at Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve)

Nominated by Samuel Kamoto, Park Manager of African Parks

Christopher Lmingisa Leadismo, Kenya

Head of Anti-poaching, Samburu National Reserve, Save the Elephants

Nominated by Frank Pope, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Elephants

Jeneria Lekilelei, Kenya

Field Operations & Community Manager of Ewaso Lions

Nominated by Shivani Bhalla, Founder and Executive Director of Ewaso Lions

Kapuna Lepale, Kenya

Anti-poaching Ranger of LEWA Wildlife Conservancy

Nominated by Michael William Watson, Chief Executive Officer of LEWA Wildlife Conservancy

Lora (undercover; in alias), Kenya

Corporal - Investigation Assistant of Kenya Wildlife Service (based in Tsavo East Mational Park)

Nominated by Julius Maluki Mwandai, Head Investigation of Kenya Wildlife Service

Fernando Sabastene Januario Macamero, Mozambique

Head Ranger of Mariri Investimentos/ Niassa Carnivore Project, Niassa National Reserve

Nominated by Keith Seymour Begg, Director of Mariri Investimentos/ TRT Conservation Foundation

John William Magembe, Tanzania

Head of Anti-poaching and Training for Enduimet wildlife management area, Randilen WMA and Manyara ranch

Nominated by Meleck Laizer, Rubondo Research Coordinator of Honeyguide

Hans Makatu, South Africa

Field Ranger of Mapungubwe National Park (attached to South African National Parks)

Nominated by Conrad Strauss, Park Manager of South African National Parks

Edzai Malunga (deceased), Zimbabwe

Previously ranger of International Anti-Poaching Foundation; Deceased on 25/03/2018 at age 25 in trying to save another ranger

Nominated by Damien Shane Mander, Founder & CEO of International Anti-Poaching Foundation

Sapeke Ole Meshami, Kenya

Rhino Monitoring Supervisor of Ol Jogi Conservancy

Nominated by Jamie Gaymer, Conservation Manager of Ol Jogi Ltd.

James Mwenda Micheni, Kenya

Caretaker, Northern White Rhinos of Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Nominated by Samuel Mutisya, Head of Conservation, Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Juma Mussa Mkuki, Tanzania

Senior Park Ranger of Serengeti National Park (attached to Tanzania National Park)

Nominated by Regius S. Komba, Head of Conservation, Serengeti National Park

Halid Jumanne Mngofi, Tanzania

Wildlife Warden of Tarangire National Park (attached to Tanzania National Park)

Nominated by Abel Peter Mtui, Chief Park Warden of Tanzania National Park

Asha Said Mnkeni, Tanzania

Park Ranger Grade III of Udzungwa Mountains National Park (attached to Tanzania National Parks)

Nominated by Damian Edward Saru, Senior Park Warden and Head of Conservation Department, Tanzania National Parks

Said Shee Mohamed, Kenya

Sergeant of Kenya Wildlife Service (based at Kisite Marine Protected Area)

Nominated by Eric Onyango Aduda, Warden of Kenya Wildlife Service

Tizola Batumeo Moyo, Malawi

Deputy Head of Law Enforcement, Department of National Parks and Wildlife (based at Majete Wildlife Reserve)

Nominated by Gervaz Thamala, Field Operations Manager of African Parks Majete

Abdullahi Abdi Muhumed, Kenya

Ranger and Investigation Assistant of Kenya Wildlife Service (based in Kajiado Conservation Area)

Nominated by Julius Maluki Mwandai, Head Investigation of Kenya Wildlife Service

Neddy Mulimo, Zambia

Senior Support Manager of Game Rangers International

Nominated by Sport Beattie, CEO of Game Rangers International

Voster Mweene, Zambia

Park Ranger of Liuwa Plain National Park (attached to African Parks Zambia), Department of National Parks and Wildlife

Nominated by Ian Pollard, Field Operations Manager of Liuwa Plain National Park

Julius Obwona, Uganda

Warden Law Enforcement of Uganda Wildlife Authority (based at Murchison Falls National Park

Nominated by Tom Obong Okello, Assistant Director/ Chief Warden, Uganda Wildlife Authority

Walter Raleigh Odokorwot, Uganda

Community Conservation Warden of Kidepo Valley Conservation Area (attached to Uganda Wildlife Authority)

Nominated by Charles Tumwesigye, Deputy Director Field Operations of Uganda Wildlife Authority

Jacob Oliech (undercover; in alias), Kenya

Ranger of Mara Elephant Project

Nominated by Wilson Sairowua, Tracking Manger of Mara Elephant Project

Safari Baeni Olivier, Democratic Republic of Congo

Head of Sector (north) of Virunga National Park

Nominated by Emmanuel de Merode, Chief Warden of Virunga National Park

Edward Okonda Otia, Kenya

Capture Ranger (Corporal) of Kenya Wildlife Service (based in Mount Kenya National Park)

Nominated by Domnic Otieno Mijele, Senior Wildlife Veterinary Officer of Kenya Wildlife Service

Dangbino Pascal, Central African Republic

Manager Armory of Ministry of Forests and Waters

Nominated by Duboscq Guillaume, Technical Advisor Anti-poaching of WWF

Kennedy Phiri, Zambia

Senior Wildlife Police Officer, Department of National Parks and Wildlife (based in Lower Zambezi National Park)

Nominated by Ian Stevenson, CEO of Conservation Lower Zambezi

Friday Pyne (deceased), Liberia

Previously ranger of Forestry Development Authority; Deceased on 27/04/2017 at age 48 during implementing a law enforcement mission

Nominated by Michelle Klailova, Programme Manager of Fauna & Flora International Liberia

Nsengiyumva Alex Ruzindana, Rwanda

Eco-guard, Forest of Hope Association

Nominated by Eugene Mutangana, Head of Conservation Department, Rwanda Development Board

Frackson Tembo, Zambia

Wildlife Police Officer, Department of National Parks and Wildlife (based at Kafue National Park)

Nominated by Kim Deidre Young, Director of Panthera Cheetah Program, Panthera

Craig Jake Williams, South Africa

Section Ranger of Kruger National Park (attached to South African National Parks)

Nominated by Don English, Regional Ranger of South African National Parks

Sotian Ole Yianker, Kenya

Security Manager of Loisaba Area, Oryx Ltd.

Nominated by Thomas Anson Silvester, CEO of Oryx Ltd.

Djaoube Yoda (deceased), Cameroon

Previously tracker of Bouba Ndjida National Park; Attacked and killed by poachers

Nominated by Bour Paul, Secretary and Founding Member of Mayo Rey Conservation

2018 African Ranger Awards

Judging Panel

in alphabetic order by last name

Peter Fearnhead

CEO – African Parks

Peter Fearnhead

Peter Fearnhead is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of African Parks. He has been involved in formal conservation since the age of 13, where in his native Zimbabwe he developed a 2,000-acre wildlife reserve on the school campus. He graduated with a BSc in Agric Economics from the University of Natal and a MSc in Agric and Resource Economics from the University of Oxford. Today African Parks manages 13 protected areas in 9 countries, covering 7 million hectares.

Anecto Kayitare

Country Program Director, Rwanda Program – Wildlife Conservation Society

Anecto Kayitare

Anecto Kayitare is a Senior Environmental and Social Development Specialist, with extensive experience in dealing with environmental and development issues in Africa. He has served for the last 20 years in conservation, natural resources management, and rural development programs with many international donors (e.g., World Bank, AfDB, UNDP, UNHCR, WFP, USAID), Regional and International Organizations (e.g., IGCP, WWF, FFI, AWF) and private business companies in the Great Lakes Region.

Mamadou Alpha Kane

Head of International Environmental Governance Unit – UNEP

Mamadou Alpha Kane

Mamadou Alpha Kane currently serves as the Head of the International Environmental Governance Unit, Law Division of the United Nations Environment Programme. He is the Project Manager and Coordinator of the African Elephant Fund (AEF) implemented in 37 African Range States. Mamadou also manages a multi-million Euros programme on Capacity Building related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements in 80 countries in the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions.

Alphonce Mallya

Conservation Coordinator, Tanzania Office – The Nature Conservancy

Alphonce Mallya

As Tanzania native, Alphonce Mallya joined The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 2010 and he is one of TNC’s first African employees and contributed greatly to the establishment of TNC’s programs in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. Prior to joining TNC, Alphonce held roles as a tour guide in Tanzania, Kenya & Zambia, and as a Country Coordinator for Volunteer Programs in Tanzania.

Emmanuel de Merode

Chief Warden – Virunga National Park

Emmanuel de Merode

Anthropologist, conservationist, pilot, Emmanuel worked to control the bushmeat trade and protect endangered wildlife in Central and Eastern Africa. His main focus has been support for African wildlife rangers in remote and difficult national parks and reserves. His work was primarily in the parks of eastern DRC, working to sustain the national parks through the DRC’s 15-year civil war. In 2008 he was appointed by Congolese Government as Director for Virunga National Park.

Philip Muruthi

Vice President – African Wildlife Foundation

Philip Muruthi

Philip has worked with African Wildlife Foundation for more than 16 years. His role is to ensure strong/appropriate conservation science inputs to AWF's integrated conservation strategies. In addition, Philip represents AWF in the international conservation dialogue, such as at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Philip’s educational qualifications are extensive, including both an M.S. and Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Princeton University, and numerous publications.

Rose Niu

Chief Conservation Officer – The Paulson Institute

Rose Niu

Rose Niu has been the Chief Conservation Officer of The Paulson Institute since 2013, and before that she had worked as the managing director for China in WWF-US (2010-2013). She was the founder of China Program and had been the Chief Representative and Country Program Director of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in China (1997-2008); the Deputy Managing Director of the North Asia Region (2008-2010). Because of her outstanding work for conservation in China, Rose was awarded as one of the twenty-five Stars of Asia by the Business Week in 2003.

Mark Rose

CEO – Fauna & Flora International

Mark Rose

Mark Rose is a zoologist with extensive field experience, gained predominantly in remote parts of Africa and Asia-Pacific. He has held the role of CEO at Fauna & Flora International (FFI) for over 20 years. During that time he has been instrumental in transforming it from an organisation with a handful of mainly domestic projects, into a multifaceted global conservation charity, with a programme comprising more than 100 projects in nearly 50 countries.

Boju Zhang

Executive Director - Friends of Nature

Boju Zhang

Boju Zhang, along with Friends of Nature, has participated in the formulation of over 40 environmental public policies, and continues to facilitate the process of environmental law enforcement and public participation in China. He graduated with a BSc in Management from Beijing Jiaotong University and a MSc in Sociology from Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is co-founder of 7 NGOs, social enterprises and foundations and won the Ray Dalio Scholarship and pursued Executive Leaders in Philanthropy program at Harvard Kennedy School in 2017.